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BARR WEB INDUSTRIES INC knows that home remodeling plumbing can be overwhelming and intimidating. We approach every renovation project in the Minneapolis area as a cooperative endeavor.

When planning any plumbing addition, you must first consider code restrictions and the limitations of your systemís layout. Although itís usually straightforward to route supply lines to a new location, tying into drain-waste-vent (DWV) pipes is a different story.

BARR WEB INDUSTRIES INC provides remodeling plumbing and design services built on generations of quality craftsmanship, great design and excellent customer service. We can cater to any theme you have in mind or offer you suggestions on how to improve your current bathroom and kitchen space.

The best Remodeling Plumbing / Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling company in Minneapolis is just a phone call away.

Your renovation is a collaboration between yourself and us, with the ultimate goal of creating that magical kitchen or bathroom you've always wanted.

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